(Eagle) Teaser

Welcome, potential reader!

If you found here following my link, know that wordpress displays the newest entries first and that you’ll have to scroll down to the earlier entries to read from the beginning.
You can do so now or read the teaser I pieced together from scenes of the story first. I tried to do it in adventure-movie-style, though the actual story is a bit different (and, I hope, funny).


A pitched battle between at least three sailships, some lifeboats carrying barrels flare up, everything goes fiery red and then dark.

Calm again

The quarterdeck of a warship somewhere on the Carribean sea.
Present: The helmsman, a teenaged ensign coming up carrying a tray with tea and biscuits.
Zoom out, reveal several wounded sailors going about their duty, a boy in the crow’s nest and very far at the horizon a smaller vessel that’s trying to get away.
Teenager’s voice: „I know now why they call pirates the enemies of humanity…“

Fade in: A boarding operation led by a blonde man and a carib indian
Teenager’s voice: „It’s not the breaking of laws,“

Fade in: Several pirates make merry in a stable with giggling local girls
Teenager’s voice: „…or the sinning.“

The dungeons of a fortress, about twenty caged pirates.
The blonde man from earlier steps forward towards the cage and grasps the bars.
Fortress Officer: „With their actions they target the very foundation of our society!“
Blonde man: (mumbles something to himself)

The scene is first overshadowed, then erased by a large „1643“

Several pirates patching up sails, one of them is female.
Female pirate: „Take, for instance, our scribe. Perry is is loyal to England, he’d never join a pirate crew!“
Teenager (with spanish accent): „Then why did he?“
Female pirate: „Because we are not pirates, but privateers.“
Teenager: „Thanks a lot, that makes me a defector instead of a deserter.“
A broad, male pirate sitting nearby interrupts the two: „And what about Captain Clark? Is he a blue-blood or not?“

The blonde man and a pirate walk the streets of a colonial town.
Pirate: „You know how I feel about this. Blood spills, spirit remains.“

Text: „the son of a traitor“

The blonde man admireringly strokes his brand new english navy officer’s uniform.

Text: „fights for his honor“

Blonde man, sitting with the carib indian, the pirate and a gentlemenly looking pirate in a rundown pub: „Oh, come on, where’s the romance in this?“

Text: „and right to love“

In a dark cellar the blonde man and the pirate dodge under a wooden bar that’s swinging towards them from the ceiling, pirate gets to land on blonde man, blonde man pushes away pirate, saying: „Thanks for the interest, but you better find yourselves a girl!“

Pirate in a pitch black shaft of some kind, holding the torn remains of a red pirate flag.
He shouts upwards: „Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!“

A ship somewhere on the carib sea. The blonde man is approached by yet another pirate.
Pirate: „You obviously harbour feelings for that man. For the greatest womanizer of Puerto Principe?!“

Text: „Black Dogs and Errant Eagles“

One large and three smaller warships emerge from behind an island.
They are seen through the eyes of a bunch of pirates standing at the rail of their ship with their backs to the camera. One of them is the blonde man, this time wearing a red coat.
Scrawny looking pirate (fearful): „This is gonna be a slaughtering!“

The blonde man lies in chains in a cell on the warship from scene one.
Voice from the off: „You may live a privateer, but you always die a pirate.“

The scene with the three warships again.
Scrawny looking pirate (nearly sobbing): „Don’t mock me. Not now.“

Text: „Coming this Spring to a theatre near you“

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