(Eagle) Timetable

compiled by Lt. Ronald Goodrick
(contains spoilers, you might want to read the story first)

What has gone before

Before 1611 The english envoy Nick of Brackenridge falls in love with a common born spanish woman. Against better judgement they marry.

1611 Clark and Jenny of Brackenridge born in London.

1613 Nick and Isabel of Brackenridge flee from England, pursued by english and spanish ships. They die. The twins survive, are found and placed in foster homes: Clark is raised by Bilbao´s jailor, Jenny by his half-brother, a carpenter.
– Sir Nick is trialed in absence and found guilty of treason. Most of his property is seized by his cousin, Rupert of Gloucester.

1615 After they have a son of their own (Vincente), Clark is treated badly by his stepparents.
– Jenny befriends the street urchin Julio, a story yet to be told.

1618 Francois de Monet and Pierre Dupont are born in Paris.
– “Chien del´Onyx” (real name never disclosed) born in Trinidad.

1619 Clark runs away from his unhappy home. Soon after joining the Clarabella´s crew he becames Capitano Porreno´s ward.
– The Clarabella arrives in the New World. Marquis Porreno sells the settlers he was to escort into slavery and turns pirate.

1623 Sir Rupert tracks down Jenny. He takes her with him to the colonies.
– English settlers arrive in St. Kitts.

1624 Don Escobedo discovers the hideout of Capitano Porreno and his crew and roots out the pirates. Porreno is killed along with many others, young Clark captured.

1525 French settlers arrive in St. Kitts (St. Christopher)

1626 The carib population of St. Kitts is eradicated.
– Clark lives as a slave at a cane sugar plantation for two years now. Ownership of the island is disputed.
– Sir Rupert leaves St. Kitts and leads an english invasion force. He settles down there together with his niece. Jenny recognizes her brother Clark among the slaves and he is freed.

1627 Henri de Monet and Commodore Dupont are tasked with extending the french territory in the colonies. They seize Trinidad from Spain, but Admiral Dupont is killed in the battle, leaving his son Pierre orphaned, yet well cared for.
– French occupation of Trinidad. Raoul becomes de Monet´s ward.

1628 Clark has rows with his uncle. Though still underage he joins the military as a marine. He gets assigned to the Royal Bride, commanded by Isaac Snyder.
– Jenny developes romantic feelings for Isaac and the captain returns them, promising to ask Rupert for her hand soon.
– Francois starts expeditions into the jungle of Martinique with his halfsiblings and friends. The more those children mature, the more valueable get their contributions to the colonisation attempts.

1629 Captain Snyder is killed in a naval battle with the spaniards near St. Kitts. Clark seizes command, ignoring the cease-fire ordered by England and Spain. He breaks with England, turning pirate.
– St. Kitts becomes spanish (till 1631).
– Clark takes over the Corse.

About 5 months later:

– Clark befriends a judge in Providence who helps him fund the construction of his new ship. Clark agrees to become a privateer in England´s service.
– Jenny Little, who had come to Providence with the Corse as Clark´s lover, is with child.
– Captain Clark disappears and it is conjectured that he has to undertake a secret mission for the crown. Another rumour has him kidnap his twin sister from Sir Rupert’s care during this time.
– Sulpicius Fillon, who is secretly in love with Clark´s betrothed Jenny, assists in the Aquila´s construction.

1630 Jenny Little dies in childbirth, the midwife gives her baby-daughter Marianne to foster parents, the Anders-family.
– Viviane´s father dies. She runs away from home, falls in love, is cheated on by her lover and kills him in a frenzy.
– Captain Clark returns from his mission.
– The Aquila sets off for her maiden voyage. The first crewmembers are
– Sulpicius “Chips” Fillon, Black Garcia (from the Torro), Viviane Bridger and Butcher Silas.
– They rescue an english ship from pirates. Tom “Fishfry” and Joe “Surname” join the eagles. Both had been pressed into service, Tom from out of prison, Joe from his home.
– Clark meets Sir Langley in Rupert of Gloucester’s residence. He tries to steal a fossil for his sister, who by this time is already missing from the household.. It is conjectured that Jenny ran away from home to sail with Clark and that he placed her with friends.
– On Jamaika Fishfry (?) buys the negro Longstreak Eddy. Clark sets him free immediately (but charges him the sum). Eddy joins the crew.
– The Eagles conquer the bucaneer harbour Eleuthera and place it under english rule. Sir Langley is made governor.
– Chatham Creed, an orphan from Eleuthera, joins the crew.

1631 – 38 Clark´s career and life almost end due to a misspelling of his name.
– Clark pursues a spanish cartographer who goes into hiding at a sugar plantation. Clark conquers the place, freeing the slaves there. Jarundo, who was to be executed the same day, becomes the captain´s most loyal friend.
– The Aquila travels along the coast of Hispaniola, San Juan to the caribbean islands. They found the settlement of Escapio Domingo.
– Clark meets Captain Redbeard near St. Kitts. He assists in driving away the spaniards from the island. The formerly french town St. Christophe is freed from spanish occupation, only to fall under english rule and is re-named St. Kitts. Clark befriends Dr. Corner and meets the children Aberforth Harris and Christopher, both of them future crewmembers.
– Chips marries and fathers several children in the following years. Other eagles found families (or at least have children), too, during their careers.
– Clark sets course for Coro straight from San Juan, but finds himself before Santa Marta instead. The Aquila, damaged beyond repair by weather and enemies, makes it to Curacao, where the dutch offer Clark a Letter de Marque against spain along with a new ship, the Midnight Blue.
– In Coro the thief and burglar Werner Riet joins the crew.
– At least two traders are seized and tuned by Clark, acting as the new Aquila. Most people and historians, however, do not discriminate between the several incarnations of the ship.

1639 The duration of Clark´s Letter de Marque runs out. The Aquila is attacked by an english warship (probably on Sir Rupert´s behalf, who still tries to capture Clark). The fight goes badly for the attackers.
– James Perry kills his captain and joins the eagles.
– When the Aquila´s treasurer makes a grave mistake, Perry becomes his successor.
– Clark leads the Aquila, Crimson Road and Sharkfin into battle, first against Maracaibo, then Gibraltar, where the spanish treasure fleet anchors. There are many causalities, among them the erstwhile treasurer and Joe.
– The eagles scatter, some (like Longstreak and Silas) settling down, some
spending their wealth within the next two years to the last coin.

1640 While the Aquila anchors in St. Kitts, Clark supervises the construction of his mansion on Eleuthera. However, he cannot stay landbound for long. He undertakes several expeditions between Florida and the Bahamas in order to complete his nautical charts.

1641 French local governors everywhere are replaced by directors. The one sent to Martinique dies shortly after his arrival from fever.
– Le Vasseur becomes governor of Tortuga.
– Sir Rupert promises Jenny´s hand to the man who brings him Captain Clark alive.

The story begins…
(spoiler warning: stopp reading here if you haven’t read the tale yet!)

1642 English Civil War starts.
A man from Trinidad starts a career as a pirate, calling himself Chien del´Onyx.
Francois de Monet and Cpt. Pierre Dupont set out on a trading mission with the Prince Paris. Also aboard are the seamen Louis and Gontard Lenoir.
– Clark recruits seamen for the Aquila, among them veterans from his earlier voyages and some very inexperienced youths like Chips´ nephew Alfred and Hank Straight.
– Learning about the new pirate Chien del´Onyx, adventerous Francois invests the proceeds from his enterprise in gunpowder and cannons. He chases and attacks Chien, but is no match for him. The Prince Paris is destroyed, Francois must serve as the captain´s personal slave, Pierre, Louis and Gontard join the pirates.
– Chien steals the Midnight Blue from Wilhelmstad and establishes a secret base on Aruba. More dutch, spanish and buccaneers join his ranks, among them Jose, Fernando, Felipe and Benk Remkes.
– Captain La Mancha from Martinique later finds the Prince Paris´ wreackage, but no hint to Francois´ whereabouts.
– Tensions between the pro-pirate and the pro-privateer fractions on the Aquila increase, especially when Clark places a mission for the motherland before the profit.
– The conflict results in a mutiny, Black Garcia takes over command, but proves
incompetent. James Perry acts a the Aquilas shadowcaptain.
– Battle between the Aquila and the Plough of the ocean, the Plough is destroyed. Among others the seaman Bob Benson is taken captive by the pirates.
– Clark is sold for a bounty to the governor of Martinique by Captain Garcia.
– The Aquila travels south.
– Captain La Mancha returns to Martinique empty handed.
– A few days after the Aquila, the Pride of Martinique leaves Martinique in search of the missing governor´s son. Clark is tasked with this quest in exchange for his life, La Mancha acts as the Pride´s captain and Clark´s warder. Jarundo accompanies his friend.
– The still active pirate-hunter Don Escobedo chases the Aquila and the Midnight Blue, but cannot engage them in battle.
– Chien attacks the Aquila, killing almost everyone on board. Chips, Alfred and Bobby are forced to join the pirates. Hank Straight goes overboard and is pressumed dead, many pirates die.
– The Pride of Martinique happens upon the Aquila´s wreckage, the few survivors are imprisoned in Wilhelmstad.
– Don Escobedo rescues the shipwrecked Hank Straight. He interrogates him for every piece of information about Clark that can be gleaned.
– Viviane and Werner realizes their love for each other.
– Clark and La Mancha learn of Chien´s deeds. They start chasing him. Showdown in Rio de la Hacha: Chien is captured, the Midnight Blue destroyed. Chien escapes, only to die in the battle. Clark rescues a single survivor, who turns out to be Francois de Monet.
– Francois struggles with the memory of his captivity and the prospect of being forced to live in a gilded cage again. He decides to take over the Pride of Martinique and become a pirate himself. Meanwhile Clark plans the same. The two captains team up and maroon La Mancha and most of his crew in dutch territory.
– Francois reveals to Clark the location of Chien´s hideout. Here they recruit Chips, Alfred, Bobby, Louis, Gontard, Pierre, Jose Peralta and others. Jose turns out to be the son of a former shipmate of Clark´s on the Clarabella.
– Clark frees the surviving mutineers from Wilhelmstad, allowing them to join his crew again. Other new recruits are Jarundo´s girlfriend Marita, the runaway slave Lipnail Tom, merchant´s son Peter Korthals and apprentice carpenter Karsten, who becomes Chip´s assistant.
– The Pride of Martinique is re-christened Errant Eagle. Clark has Karsten keelhauled because he spells the name wrong, but the man survives.
– Francois changes his name to Martin.
– Viviane Bridger and Werner Riet marry.

1643 The Errant Eagle captures a spanish scout ship near Providence. The eagles secure the plans of this year´s silver caravan´s route. Clark decides to waylay it on Cuba.
– Clark renews his Letter de Marque in Providence.
– The spanish captain strikes a deal with the governor to let him escape. Spain is now prepared for Clark´s attack, though the privateer does not know this.
– Clark completes his crew during a visit in Eleuthera. Among the new recruits are Jeff Spencer (Chat Creed´s cousin) and Pegleg Sam.
– The eagles try to ambush the silver caravan, but walk right into a trap. They are driven away, many of them die in the jungle. Francois is captured by the spaniards. Instead of fleeing together with the others, Clark returns in the middle of the battle to rescue Francois/Martin. He does not know that his co-captain has already persuaded Pepe Gonzales, a spanish soldier, of letting him go, luring the young man with the promise of a treasure cache Clark has already found long ago.
– While the captains are away, Perry forces the election of a new captain. Before it is finished, Clark, Martin and a few stragglers make it back to the Errant Eagle.
– Pepe has no choice but to join the eagles. He is tortured in order to reveal the location of the secret silver mine, but cannot be broken. Jarundo eventually saves his life with a trick.
– The Errant Eagle makes a few catches, then arrives at Tortuga. Once again the crew scatters for few month to spend their shares of the loot.
– The english privateer Sharkeye manages to seize a ship left behind by the silver fleet, but later sinks. Zack Croft relates this news to the eagles and joins their crew.
– Martin falls in love with Clark´s twin-sister Jenny.
– Don Escobedo employs the pirate captain Hornbasket in an intrigue against the Errant Eagles´ captains. Each of the pair is fed false information that not only makes him believe the other is a traitor, but also places his life in danger. Both victims survive their traps, but from now on they become enemies.
– Martin hires a bucaneer clan to exect his revenge on the eagles. On Lizard Island Clark and the eagles confront Martin and his bucaneers. The two captains duel, but cannot bring themselves to kill each other. It´s assumed, but never proven, that they are in love.
– In Eleuthera Clark is promoted offically to Major and gifted with land property.
– Returning to Tortuga Martin officially marries Jenny.
– Martin, Jenny, Jarundo and Clark find and capture Captain Hornbasket. They take him to Eleuthera for execution.
– Meanwhile the spaniards take over Providence.
– Clark prevents the execution of Captain Maddock and the pirates from the Soaring Seagull, making them part of his own crew.
– Ronald Goodrick joins the crew as officer cadet.
– Don Escobedo kidnaps Clark´s daughter Marianne, who until then did not know who her real parents were. He issues an ultimatum to Clark.
– Chien del´Onyx re-appears in the waters around Providence. Against all probability he manages to take over the Errant Eagle, murders Martin and brings Clark to the Don as a prisoner – or so the story goes. As a matter of fact, all three of them, Clark, Chien and Martin, are still alive in 1644.
– Chien sails into port in Puerto Bello to deliver Clark, but is overthrown by the eagles. They stage a surprise attack on the town. In the end Marianne is freed along with Hank Straight, who rejoins the eagles.
– The pirates withdraw from Puerto Bello. Martin strikes a deal with Don Escobedo: he promises to refrain from pursuing the Errant Eagle for a year. Chien del´Onyx is granted a spanish Letter de Marque, despite his countless defeats by the hand of the eagles.
– James Perry breaks with the eagles over political disagreements with Clark. He goes his own way, together with Jose, Eric, Karsten, Fernando and many others.

1644 Securing alliances with the english, the dutch and the buccaneers Clark plans to attack the silver fleet again this year.

…and continues

1648 Puritan Settlers arrive in Eleuthera, official founding year of the town
1649 Charles I. beheaded
1651 English Civil War ends
1655 England seizes Jamaika from Spain
1660 Death of Oliver Cromwell, Coronation of Charles II.
1680 England and Spain sign a peace treaty


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